Ghost Stories 5

Spirit Rescue - An Interesting House February 2000

I visited L. House in Armidale, NSW, (a hostel type accomodation place here in town built in the early 1800's) on the 17th February 2000 because it is owned and operated by my friend LF and her husband PC. There have been continuing problems with a large field of negativity around that site that has influenced the buildings on the block. I have seen this problem before, in this area, and it continues. I went there because I felt like visiting, having a need to do good for the place as directed by the Michaels (guardian angels). I had tried healing L's back, and the building, the week before but neither had worked.

I left L with 5 rose quartz stones, four for the border's of the block and one ball of dark pink quartz. All these pieces were specifically bought for the task of working a clearing on the house. She asked me to return on the afternoon of the 18th to help her plant the stones, which is what I wanted her to do. I work best when things are requested of me.

On the 18th I had a great desire to return before the required time of 5.15 and actually sit in the house and 'listen' to it. I rang L and asked if I could and she agreed. I arrived just after 4.30 and was shown into 'her' iridology room. It is a small office, probably once a bedroom, at the back of the right hand side of the building. This side of the building was rented by L & P and was the working areas of their business, a Health & Wellbeing Centre that does good work. Both of the owners are practicing healers. I've know both parties for over 2 years and they have always done much good and been very busy, mostly through word of mouth and repeat business.

I entered the room L directed me to but was most reluctant to actually shut the door completely. I left it unlatched but closed and sat with my back to the wall, facing east. The window was to my left. I was not comfortable there and so moved to face north, took off my shoes, opened my notebook, and started talking to the Michael about the house and what was wanted to be done there. Within moments I had the words 'Throw all the doors open - let there be Light'. I am slow to catch on. I argued that the doors couldn't be opened because this is an accommodation place and people live there. Again the message was repeated, with enough force to make me say it and when I did the pattern started.

I started to attempt to draw a plan of the building. It was obviously going to be too complicated so I was about to abandon it when I was told to 'GET UP'. Again I argued. I had promised L I would not wander around in her building, but stay where she had put me. I asked where should I go instead of just getting to my feet and going. "GET UP". Ok, I said. I got up and went out the door, shoeless, and was raced down the corridor chanting to myself - Throw all the doors open, let there by Light - through some double doors and into a room called the "Yoga' room .. where a prominent sign said 'please take off your shoes before entering'. I stood in the middle of the room getting blast after blast of glorious cool Michael energy until I was turning in a circle and swaying on my feet. Then I was directed to go out the double door at the other side of the room, which I refused to do without my shoes.

I argued patience while I collected my shoes, bag and notebook and went out via L's working areas, leaving my bag with her and leaving her looking very puzzled as I zoomed by on the way to the spot outside the house to which I had been called.

I walked fast across the verandah, still chanting and getting this wonderful feeling that with every verse some blind was lifting off the building, across the lawn (past flower beds that should have had pink flowers and not orange and yellow (the thought came clearly into my mind)) and around the right side of the building .. the accommodation side. I kept going around the building.

At the right-back of the building is a building, across some grass from the squash courts. As I went to pass by it I was stopped by a 'lady'. I'm not sure how she stopped me. I was just suddenly aware of her presence and the fact that she had died there, by having a heart attack. I went through the experience with her briefly then felt the urge to offer her a chance to return 'Home'. She agreed. I asked Michael to open the gate for her, expecting one at my side, which I got and the lady passed through after some minor delay that I had the feeling I created. This was my first ghost on the site. Her name was Anne and I called her 'daughter'. She was about 40. Her clothes were middle 1800's I think. Long skirt, lots of fabric.

I moved on straight away, and met the next, a boy of 5 or 6, Matthew or Michael in name, who was looking for someone. I asked my Michael again to open the gate, without specifying where, and it opened either in me or through me, but all the entities left through me after that. I could feel them passing through and then going straight upwards on a wonderful beam of white light. A woman came for the boy and he ran straight into her arms and went off delighted. That was a very good feeling.

I kept moving. It was like I was drawn and could not stop.

I walked around the squash courts and could feel someone on the other side of the hedge, (I was now on the left side of the block, looking at town) so I backtracked to a garage type building with a tall thin pine beside it. There I met a young boy, Steven, 10 or 11, who's first words to me were 'It's a wonderful tree.' He was pointing to a tree that is no longer there, with big spreading branches, which for a moment cast shadows on the ground. Then he said 'It was an accident, really' .. as if this point had been in question. 'I fell'. I had an image of him lying at the bottom of the tree with his neck broken. I asked him if he would like to see his mother. He said yes, so I asked the Michael to open the gate and she came and got him. I felt her come through me, through my back, and the two of them leave together, through me again .. that leaving leaving me rocking on my feet.

I moved from there along the street, but before I'd gone 10 feet I could feel a presence back inside the yard. I backtracked through a side gate and felt 'an old man under the ground'. He had been buried there. He said 'I saw you with the children'. He later told me his name was Adam Doherty. He'd been there a very long time. He would not leave the spot he was on because he was 'watching' something towards the centre of the building I was circling. I could not persuade him to go into the Light. He had to watch. I 'had' to keep moving, so I told him I would be back and started walking down the side of the building inside the yard.

I caught a glimpse of a woman at L's office window. I 'saw' the stack of papers she was looking at through the glass. I decided to go in and have a look in the office because I couldn't seem to touch anyone outside. I puzzled P with my request to know what the room was and he let me in. I stood there for a few minutes, it's a very small office, and then went back outside to the passageway I had walked down, with a dirt path. There I saw an older lady ghost looking in the window. I got her attention and then asked her what she was looking at. I think she was surprised that I could see her. She seemed to have been waiting a long time. She seemed shy and reluctant to talk to me. She kept glancing in the window so I asked if she would like to come with me into the office and have a look around. She agreed and took my arm, which sent chills right through me for a moment, but I got used to it very fast. She walked very slowly, and I had to too. Her first words to me were 'slow down'. We 'strolled' around the corner of the building, up onto the verandah, although I'm not sure if I took the stairs or through the gap in the hedge, and into the work area where L was back at her table and P was at his at the dispensary. I ignored both of them and took Elizabeth Doherty into the office and suggested she sit down in L's chair while I sat to her left in the spare chair.

At that stage some other entity tried to take over my body I think. I could feel it trying to move into me (flowing cold chills) but I just shrugged it away. I told it if it was a Michael or whoever it was welcome, otherwise go away. It vanished.

Elizabeth told me that she had been in love with a son of the household here, before this house was built, but that his mother had not approved the match so they had not married. She never married. She told me that the verandah had been longer and that they had had parties on it. At that stage the spirit had seemed very young. She aged rapidly. The man she loved, I don't know his name, had called her Elspeth, a name she was comfortable with. 1850 was an important date. The house she 'showed' me was the one that I had told L and P they would move the business into from the old place over 18 months ago.

L came in and out of her office a couple of times but just ignored me, which was good of her. I asked Elspeth (Elizabeth) if she was ready to leave. She said yes. I got Michael to open the gate and she gracefully left. She struck me as rather sad but a very lovely lady.

I went out to the work area then and L said she was ready to 'plant' the stones. I took a trowel which I had borrowed from my mother and we made a move. It is interesting to note that L said that she 'knew' I would bring a trowel because she had left the house this morning without one but 'had a feeling' in the car that I would not forget.

To plant the stones we went in the opposite direction to my first walk. I told L to place the stones wherever she felt comfortable to. She was a little self-conscious about it, but I just told her to 'go for it' and stood back. She planted the first one at the edge of the flower bed, left hand side of the block, digging a cautious hole and then putting the stone in and covering it up. I went to the spot and asked the Michael to make it the first corner of the 'city of light'. It seemed the right words. After that we moved up the passageway past L's office. At the corner, inside the gate, L planted the 2nd stone and again I asked Michael to make it the 2nd corner of the 'city'. The old man was still near the corner and he tapped L in passing but stopped me, she remarked on the tap. I asked him if he would like to walk with us. He was still determined to stay and 'watch'. He agreed to walk so I offered him my arm. Another cool (cold) experience.

He was linked to the corner (perhaps his grave?) somehow because as we went further away from it it was like he was being elongated and the pull was quite hard. I asked him to 'let go of the corner'. He was worried about doing that. I told him it would make it easier on all of us, so he chose to let go. L waited patiently through this conversation because I have a habit of deliberately turning to face these people when I speak to them ghost or not). I also speak with my hands, which must be surprising because I was not using my voice before then. I made the choice then to be thought a weirdo and started speaking out loud, mostly for L's benefit. I explained to her what I had asked of the man, and the little I could tell about him. I appreciate L's faith in me, she might think me mad but she never shows a sign of it. She waited until the man could move with us and then we planted the third stone near a fence. Same procedure with the Michael.

We met there, working in one of the buildings near the centre of the area, P's father and his brother. I said hi, teased the father a little .. I can't remember his question but I think I said we were having a 'constitutional'. I remember. He suggested we come and do some hard work with him and his son and I laughed and said that our 'constitutional' was hard enough work already. L laughed and we walked on.

About 10 feet from there I was struck with a wave of nausea and rocked on my feet. I couldn't work out the direction and wandered back and forth for a moment but the feeling didn't return so we continued on our path.

When we got to the other side of the building, with our attachment (the old man), L told me that she 'had' to plant the fourth stone in the pot plant near the door. I think it is one of the main entrances for the accommodation area, from the look of it. She was worried that the stone would not make a 4th corner, but I reassured her that it would be just fine, because that was what I was 'told'. The same routine with the Michael. There were a couple of 'shades' of people on this side of the house, but they left with the planting of the 4th stone.

I told L that I had to close the 'circle' but she didn't seem to hear me. She wanted to be 'inside' the house very fast so I told her to go and closed the circle with her inside, by returning to the first stone and asking the Michael to seal the 'city'. Then I asked the Gabriel to call attention to this place and the Raphael to put his healing touch upon it to sink down the bubble shield onto, through and under the house to try and help it, to slow down the negativity, until we can get the healers together on the 17th March and white light it out of existence. I want to smile here. The guys seem happy with my plans. (Plan happened but didn't solve the problem.)

She had decided to escort me through some of the sections of the house, which was what I wanted but didn't like to ask. We went upstairs, leaving the old man at the bottom of the stairs because he refused to go any further. At the head of the stairs I met a young woman ghost who was very upset. I tried to talk to her but couldn't seem to get through, asked if she would like to go into the light but she seemed very frightened of that so I asked her to walk with us, to which she agreed. Hindsight is wonderful. Why didn't I wonder why she had seemed so frightened?

She came down one corridor but would not enter the one to the right. I asked her to wait for us there while L showed me a place that is not 'comfortable'. Down that corridor were two Indian men (living) and D, L's delightful son who will be a great healer one day. He was changing beds and L told me that the indian men give him a hard time because they don't trust him or something. There was an entity watching them but the men interfered in my perception so I left it/him, I was told he wasn't a problem, and said Hi to D and came back out. The girl was gone but L wanted to go down a further corridor, which we did and I cleaned out two shades there, just in passing.

At this point another wave of nausea hit me, stronger than the first, but just as fleeting. I tried to chase the source but there was no way so we stopped at that section. I asked L to put up a feng shui mirror to reverse the flow but she says that there is a lot of thievery at the moment and everything gets stolen. I asked the Michael to put up a mirror for me. It's temporary and he can do that.

We returned to the site at the top of the stairs and we found the girl in tears. I think she felt deserted (hindsight again). I asked her what the matter was and she 'told' me that she had known L. I told L that the girl was a 'contemporary' of hers from teachers college (L used to live in the building when she did her training). Instantly! she knew who it was and described her as short with blond hair. The girl's name seemed to begin with an S but I'm not sure if that was first name or surname. L said she had attempted suicide and I quickly added that she had succeeded, and that she had come back here because of L and some good memories. We were still on the 2nd floor above L's work area.

The girl was crying continuously and I asked her again if she wanted to go 'Home'. She was still terrified of the prospect. At that stage I actually got mad at the Catholic Teachings about Hell and Damnation. I must assume from that that the girl had been catholic. I explained, practically begging, that that simply was NOT true. I asked her to take a chance. I could feel L trying to reassure the girl as well, which helped a lot. I held out my hands to her, asked Michael to open the gate and the girl slowly and cautiously moved towards me.. and finally through the gate and away. I know she met a kind reception. I explained what had happened to L at that point and thanked her for her help. She was surprised that I had known what she was doing because she had been silent the whole time. That was the most painful meeting, but the most satisfying one of all. I thanked Michael and Our Father for it there and then.

We went back downstairs. The old man was not there so I followed L down another corridor (the place seems like a maze) that ran behind the dining hall. We got about a third of the way down to somewhere when I got hit with another wave of nausea, from the same area as before. I was near a doorway to the outside so outside I went, to walk into an area of concrete, L says basically in the centre of the whole area, that is used to hang washing on round clothes hoists. There is a laundry to the right I think but mostly all I can remember is the sensation of wading through mud.

This area is the 'heart' of the trouble. It was nauseating. The sensation of wading through slime or sticky mud, first up to my thighs and then, further into the small area, over my head. I got hit with wave after wave and at one point ended up sitting with my knees drawn up leaning on the steps that L had climbed up onto to get away from it.

I asked her if she could feel anything and she said yes, up her legs. Then another way hit and she and I both groaned. It was ghastly. I waded my way into what I thought was the centre, directly under the pole of one of the clothes lines. Every time the wind hit the clothes on it it will spin negativity out through the building. Some idiot planted the pole right over the centre of the vortex, and it's a spinner, drawing energy in and pushing it back out again, full of negativity. There is the possibility that it is a discordant leyline surfacing, or being drawn to the surface by the metal pole. It's an old evil in any case.

I couldn't do anything about it. I've left it for the 17th March. Perhaps a group of us, determined and full of Light, can clear out the spot. I've left the problem with the guys for now.

We went back into the house, and moving away from the spot was a real relief for both of us. We met the old man a the bottom of the stairs, where he hadn't been when we came down, and I asked him again if he wanted to go into the Light. I argued with him out loud about that site we had just seen. That was what he had been watching for such a long time. I told him, with confidence, that I would take care of it. He finally agreed to leave only after I promised to call him back for the 'clearing'. I sent him into the Light, rocking on my feet from still being weary from the ghastly spot.

After that L and I returned to the office, chatted to P for a short while and I left. It was a most satisfying but extremely strange experience for me. Obviously I am stronger and more tuned in for my long break. I love this work.

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