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The Tomato Man
On a lighter note - A paranormal story ... June 2006
The Dancing Lady 2001?
Short & Sweet

The Tomato Man

Spirit Rescue is what many psychics attempt when they suggest to lost souls that they move into the 'Light'. There are two categories of non-living humans that I interact with - Spirits, who come back to visit family, friends and familiar places, and those who do not leave the planet when they die. To differentiate between the two I call the first Spirits and the second ghosts - so perhaps that should read Ghost Rescue, but a ghost is a lost spirit, and the Spirit is what we rescue.

I love to investigate the site of a haunting, but once the lost souls see me they have a habit of following me around until I start paying attention to them. One memorable evening I forgot I had connected to one and he got rather frustrated by that. Here's the story.

We have a supermarket here in town called Woolworths. You go downstairs to get into it, and its vaguely dungeonish in energy. I was in a tearing hurry around dinner time and dashed into the place, to be stopped in my tracks by a floating tomato. It rose gently up from the stack of vegetables, moved right about a foot and joined another of its like on the floor (without breaking). I tuned into the area as the third tomato started lifting off and in a stern voice suggested that the 'man' put the tomato back on the stack. He did not agree and that tomato quickly joined its friends on the floor. At this point I was amazed that no one else seemed to be seeing the floating tomatoes - that is when I looked around and realised that most people were too focused on leaving quickly - the usual evening rush.

The ghost had got to his fifth tomato by now, so I suggested he 'come with me' and I picked up the tomatoes, got my groceries and headed for home ..and promptly forgot he was there. That was about 6.00pm.

At 2.00am I was abruptly woken by a woman yelling in my face 'I died a quarter of an hour ago'. As you can imagine, going from fast asleep to wide awake with a ghost leaning over you is an energetic experience. My solar plexus chakra was going wild and I came awake gasping for air. I quickly checked whether I knew the woman, then what era she was from (late 19th century to go by her clothing) and sorted her out and sent her Home. Then I tried to settle myself back down again - calm down, chill out and snuggle into warm bedclothes again (you get very cold with this work).

I was lying on my back in the middle of my double bed with my knees pulled up and just getting comfortable when I felt a very strong TAP on my right knee. Then another. Then another. They got faster. My first thought was a bird - illogical. The second was to wonder whether one of the cats was in my room, but the door was closed. Then I remembered the tomato man - and there he was trying to get my distracted attention. Poor babe. He had been so patient.

There are various degrees of how lost a ghost might feel, or think itself. I spent 20 minutes talking with this man about where he thought he was and when, and then I got him Home as well. After that I warmed up rapidly and drifted back to sleep. I said a silent prayer to my guardian angels for no more 'visitors' that night and slept just fine.

BTW, the first ghost, the lady, had visited my mother before she came to me. My mother complained about it the next day, before I told her about my 'visitors'. :-) She leaves the rescue work to me. (Can you imagine the scene - my half asleep mother waving vaguely in the direction of my room saying - "no, no, darling, my daughter is over there. :-) LOL)

On a lighter note - A paranormal story ... June 2006

I was in England for a holiday until 5 weeks ago. During that time I went to visit York Minster, a huge and very elaborate cathedral in that town. During my time looking around the inside I collected two spirits. The first was a little french girl who either called herself Cocette, or said she was one .. I believe it means 'little girl' in French. She was easy to send Home. The other lady I collected was a different matter. She was an 18th century milkmaid by her clothing. She followed me out of the building, intothe car, to my lodgings for the night, and then to the castle called Alynwick which I visted the next day. She wasn't a bother, she just wouldn't go Home.

When I got to the castle I went into the 'sitting room' that was open to the public. When I stepped through the doorway I had a huge sense of familiarity .. 'I' had obviously been there before. ... but ... I know that I had never been in this lifetime, nor in any others that I remember .. I was just observing this fact to myself when I realised my attached spirit was looking around the room over my shoulder. She seemed utterly delighted to be back.

There was a living lady minding the room, which was quite full of tourists,and so I went up and quietly asked her if there were any ghosts in this castle. Her answer ... "Not that I have heard of, but an American tourist recently said he saw the ghost of a milkmaid at the bottom of the castle wall. She was walking along saying 'I don't blame anyone ....''. So I told her about the lady.

I think the American man collected our milkmaid and took her to York Minster, and I bought her home. She did not come with me when I moved on.

The Dancing Lady 2001?

One day at my office in my Healing Centre in Armidale NSW I was reading a book in the quiet time, when I glanced up and saw a face looking around the doorway. The way the head showed, the person had to be lying on her side, about 4 feet from the floor. I naturally assumed she was a ghost for two reasons, one she was slightly transparent, and two there was nothing for her to lie on at that level on the other side of the doorway.

Does that paragraph sound like I am grinning? Believe me I laughed. She had a lovely smile on her thin long face. I told her quietly 'rescue circle is tonight' .. she answered. "I don't need rescuing. I am completely happy." I shrugged. She vanished.

That night she came to the circle and danced .. and danced .. and danced ..and danced. She couldn't stop dancing, poor babe. There were eight of us in the Circle that night, quite a large number. We got her to stop dancing,which was a feat in itself, and then asked why she was 'visiting'. She told us of her life, a little anyway, that she had been a great ballet dancer ..who was still famous and trouping around the world. We told her she was dead. She argued.

Rescue is the daftest thing you can do at times. It sometimes feels completely silly, and other times is the hardest work you can do, and occasionally leads to headaches from hell.

There were two of us that could see her most clearly. Myself and G,a beautiful lady we call the 'fire lady' because of her tremendous energy. The group discussed what we could do for her, then visualized a stage, with other dancers, the audience, etc and invited the lady to her final show. She obliged most willingly, making us all grin (all eight people, you could feel her enthusiasm). She went on stage, did a beautiful dance, and then ...coming from stage right ... a huge sheppard's hook appeared, grabbed her around the middle and 'whipped' her away gently. G and I laughed our heads off. We had to explain it to the others, but it was the lightest and loveliest part of an otherwise very heavy evening.

That's one of the reasons why I love rescue work.

Short & Sweet May 2004

I had an interesting experience this morning (it's 8.00pmish here on thursday), a spook came into my bedroom and touched my face. It woke me up, upset my kitten Isobel, who was sleeping by the pillow, and, as usual, made me feel a bit cold. Izzy sat up and stared intently at the visitor and when I asked it to back away she then sat back on her hindquarters, lifted her front paws up and stretched her neck to see over my hip (I had my back tothe spook) and then watched it walk towards the door. I was watching her. I have another cat, Meg, who also watches the spooks. Always fun.

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