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The Angry Lady - or A Walk in Heaven
A Quick Spooking
Lester & the Hot Dog
All Teeth & Claws

The Angry Lady - or A Walk in Heaven

There was a lady (ghost) who turned up outside my study window downstairs a couple of years ago (2002?). Man, was she mad. She bashed at the window and actually wobbled the glass. She had just realised she was dead. What was more insulting was that she had died of cancer when she had decided that it wasn't going to kill her. She was affronted at God. 'How dare He do that to her'.

Sitting quietly in my study on a very early morning internet chat with my friend Stefan in London, I was a little blown away by the ferocity of her energy. As hard as I would try, I could not get her to stop ranting. And I was 'not' letting her in the house until she calmed down. She didn't calm down for almost an hour. By that time I had done a tarot reading for her to get the info she was not giving me. I had to make her 'see' me. I have no idea what, or who, she was seeing up to that moment.

When the pattern of angry reaction broke she was very unhappy, as you might expect, and also very frightened. She didn't know where to go from where she was. She didn't know what to expect. She didn't believe in God (even though she had ranted against It). She didn't believe in Heaven.

So I told her about a garden. In my mind was a picture of huge roses and other beautiful flowering plants. Larger than any I have seen here on earth, more beautiful. A garden where the colours were brighter and air clearer and sweet smelling. A safe place to rest for a while. I 'showed it to her' through visualization and then gave her access to it through a gate.

She wouldn't go. She was too tired and too defeated. So I nagged a little. Then she decided she would go if I would go too. So I did. I've been out of my body before but very seldom when I am awake, but I slipped out and stood beside her and walked her through the gate. We sat down under a big tree and just rested for a while, and then her angels came quietly, and her family, and I watched and waited until she forgot me, and then I followed my silver cord back home. That's why I know the cord exists. I have touched it, felt the life in it - my life.

I had a very quiet day that day. It was a unique experience for me, to go into the gardens of Heaven. They are there for everyone, when we want to visit them.

A Quick Spooking (1974)

When I was about 12 I decided to stay overnight at a friend's house. It was a normal ordinary brick house, and a catholic family, but I could not settle down, nor sleep. Around about midnight I started hearing sounds in the lounge room, swishing noises and other subtle things. The hair on my arms felt like it was standing up. I woke the girl I was sharing the room with and she listened and told me it was the fire place (gas). Once she was asleep again I got up and checked out the lounge room in a very timid fashion. The fireplace didn't make those sorts of noises. I was heading back towards the bedroom when 'something' came up behind me .. and I skidded straight out the front door and walked home through the night. I felt safer there. My mother had left our front door open for me, because I didn't sleep away from home very often.

I'm glad she did. I never stayed in that house again.

Lester & the Hot - Dog 4 Jan 2006

The last ghost I dealt with, not including today, is Lester. Lester lived in the house my friend L has just moved into (he also died there), in Armidale, NSW. She asked me to come and collect him after her 2 year old son looked up the stairs towards the bedrooms and said 'man, mummy'. So I went to the house on thursday and got him. He was a rather demanding old man and gave me a headache to start with. I then got very hungry. Instead of eating there among small kids and very pregnant visiting friends, I hooked Lester into my energy and went to the supermarket. It was 3.00 in the afternoon and I wanted a hamburger. Well, the hamburger idea was a bit too much work, and the hot dog stand was right there in the shopping centre so I decided I would have that instead. .. only it seems Lester doesn't like hot dogs - so I forgot. I then went into another shop, did whatever and thought again of the hotdog when my stomach rumbled .. and then forgot. I went into the supermarket, got the drinks I wanted and then thought of the hotdog .. and caught Lester's comment about no hotdogs while he was in the middle of it .. so went and got one anyway and took great pleasure in eating it while he 'chatted' to the angels and then 'went into the Light'. LOL

And giggled all the way home.

All Teeth & Claws December 2005

The biting spook. I went back to the house yesterday because the man in question had another spook get into bed with him during the night. He attracts them. I taught him how to send them Home. Seems he's been attracting strange lost female souls most of his life. His wife, in contrast, is very nice. :-)

The story is a bit long, so bear with me. I was called in by a lady because she had an incubus (or thought she did) in the house. It was harassing her sister, who is a little emotionally fragile right now. The energy of the two main problem rooms was that skin-crawling, prickly sensation I have described elsewhere. It makes you want to 'be' elsewhere.

With a little help from the great JC I sent that one into healing. It was a demonic entity, but not overly big/strong. The creepy feeling gradually faded. That is when we realised that there was another entity, masked by the other. There was a small child ghost in the pantry which had been seen by a number of the kids. I 'called' his mother to come and get him, and his sister. (Family comes to collect us when we go Home.) The four year old daughter of the household saw them leaving together. That was lovely.

That was the first house.

That night, about 8.45pm, I got a phone call from the same lady. She was at her sister's house and her brother-in-law had just been tossed around in the hallway (which is quite wide) by something he couldn't see. When I arrived he was sitting on the front verandah shaking himself to pieces. The first thing I did was to slow down his energy, calming him in the process, so that I could find out what happened.

It seems that he went to go into the kid's room, at the front, and never got to open the door. This big, well-muscled man had been picked up and slammed against both walls before being dropped. As you can imagine, he was pretty shaken up. His wife rang her sister, she rang me.

So I sat on the front verandah with most of the family, they are a large, boisterous and lovely bunch, including a couple of the older teens from the other house. We talked about ghosts and a bit about 'negative energy forms' because I don't use the word demon or devil with people unless I absolutely have to. Eventually when the man had calmed down enough and told me his story I entered the house and had a look around. The back bedroom was a bit alive, but nothing like the first house, so I knew it wasn't the same entity. I went through and quietly cleared each space using energy. The front room had five little kids sleeping in it, and apart from being too hot because they had a fire alight - it wasn't a cold night but the house was cold - it was just fine.

I went back into the centre of the house and calmed myself. I like to invite Light into every building that I clear. I create a column of white light from the heavens into the earth to help clear any accumulated human negativity. It was when I closed my eyes that I saw the 'lady' who was very angry. She came at me claws and teeth, long teeth. That was a bit of a surprise, as you can imagine. So I opened my eyes.

It is at times like this that I realise why Spirit does not grant my request to 'see' everything with my eyes open. Sometimes its enough of a shock to see stuff when they are closed. Having flicked my eyes open quickly, I equally quickly shut them again and found the ghost dangling ineffectually in front of me - from the outstretched hand of one of the Michael angels. She was fuming. I asked the Michael to gently take her Home. The house became still. Thank goodness.

About an hour later I left. A couple of days later a new lady ghost climbed into bed with the householder and his wife. LOL It seems he attracts them.

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