Heart of Fire

The second Michael Invocation

Archangel Michael, soldier and warrior of God.
Hear me and grant my request,
I, who recognise and acknowledge my faults,
request this day a Heart of Fire.
Reawaken in me the eternal heart of God
residing in a will of iron.
Let the Love of God fill my core and spread rapidly within me.
Let it expel from me
any and all entities that mean me harm.
Let the Heart of Fire burn from me
all cords and connections that go out into darkness.
Let it return to me all that I have lost
since the coming of the dark.
Let me remember who I am,
a true son/daughter of the Source of Light in the world,
And in that source let me find freedom.
In the name of Jesus Christ whose sacrifice freed all of humanity,
Let it free me now.
Thank you.

Where it came from ...

Over the past five years I have watched the increase in negative energy forms, from simple entities such as balls of negative human emotion that we call 'attachments', to others such as sexual demons, known as incubus and succubus. During that time I have been asking God and Spirit for an Invocation to deal with these entities specifically, as often the Michael Invocation has failed to remove them. Spirit has taught me that incubus (male) and succubus (female) are an entity that attaches not only through base and sacral chakra, but also through the heart and mind of the person. It is not a simple connection. The healing must happen to all these parts of the human spirit and body to release the entity. The true nature of the human being must be restored - so the Heart of Fire is a restorative Invocation. It does not change what has happened, but reinforces the request for change, for freedom, and asks for help in allowing the person to regain what they have lost, of themselves, since the entity or entities arrived.

Why it works

The dark cannot exist where the Light shines forth. In asking to reawaken the eternal Flame of God within the Hearts of men and women, the Invocation re-ignites or feeds the flame, the Christ Light within each of us. Even if you do not believe in the Christ, the Light exists within each of us, given to us through the sacrifice of one man for many others. It will work regardless of what your beliefs, or lack of them are. It is not focused on your truth but on the Faith of Angels, specifically the Michael who recognise themselves as a child of the Source, which is God by the name they call it, Abba.

When to use it

Always with the Michael Invocation to remove all negativity from your and help to set you free. By itself when you are feeling frightened, dishearted, lacking in faith, and generally worn out. It raises the vibration of your energy to a higher point, and allows Light to heal all the wounds you will allow to be healed.

In times of crisis

Just because someone you love is older than the age of thirteen, and perhaps refuses to acknowledge any metaphysical help, this Invocation can be said on their behalf, with the intention of allowing any change that is possible to flow through. Their higher selves will be told of the request and action will be implimented with the person's permission.

We live in the age of wonders - and Invocations such as this one help us to appreciate those wonders, if we allow it.

What happens if you don't believe in angels

It really doesn't matter, because they believe in us.

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