Psychic Protection 2
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The Physical Body

The physical body is the vehicle for the spiritual energy being that is each person's true Self. Being inside human skin offers no protection from astral entities, just as the body can get ill, so the Spirit can be affected by outside energies, and our internal thoughts and feelings. If you are not cautious with what you feed yourself, ingest, inject, think and watch or read, you can alter your 'energy body' in such a way as to create small and large holes in your aura.

The aura is the energy field of the body, created by, and containing, the chakras which anchor into the physical body. The chakras control the flow of vital force (called Chi, Prana, Ki and many other names) that keeps us all happy, healthy and well balanced. Having a hole in your aura means that not only can your life-giving energy escape, but that astral energy forms can make their way 'inside'. The effects of such negative energy in the aura, and often piercing the body, can be dramatic and disruptive. In the short term it can make you feel very sick, in the long term the influence of the energy can create illnesses that might be terminal or symptoms misdiagnosed as schizophrenia.

Let me give you some examples

The first attachment I ever experienced I recognised as 'Despair'. That was afterwards. At the time I went from feeling peaceful and happy to wishing I was dead. I felt helpless, lost and abandoned.

The entity appeared to have come out of an envelope at the post office in a tiny country town 600kms from the nearest city. I never found out how it got in the envelope, nor who sent me the letter it was attached to. I just ran for help to the only person I could think of, my local Anglican Minister. He prayed over me. I was not religious, but I knew I needed help. I was also not into 'this stuff', just knew I had an interest but had done no research on the subject of collecting negative entities. It was the first time I ever heard part of the exorcism ceremony, but not the last.

There is much written these days about the power of prayer. Prayer, and the faith of those praying, fills the receiver with Healing Light which loosens the hold of any negative energy form because it either cannot tolerate the frequency of the energy, or gets so well fed it falls off, as a leach does when it is filled from feeding.

The second entity that attached to me a few years later was identified as Discord. That one was actually thrown at me by a spiteful person. I don't know if they knew what they were doing but it left me unable to stand up straight without my head spinning. My ears were filled with a tremendous and horrible noise. I felt completely out of balance, sick to the stomach and helpless in many other ways. My whole energy-body was revving frantically. I cleared that entity myself, through hard work and with the help of my guides, because I did not understand then, but I learned. At that time I was a Reiki Master Teacher, but my learning had not included removing entities such as that.

Both those experiences taught me a lot about how easy it is to disrupt human energy patterns.

Attachments come in all different sizes, shapes and disguises.

Some are simple beings like confused and trapped humans who have not gone into Healing after dying. Ghosts feed on the energy of the person they are attracted to, encouraging them in behaviours such as drug taking, drinking to excess and sexual obsession, to the confusion and misery of the person they are 'attached' to. People who live an unhealthy, unhappy life can attract energies such as these - but so can other well-balanced people for unexpected reasons.

Another form of attachment is created by negative human energy from emotions such as frustration, anger, grief, fear, despair, jealously, and others.

For example, when we express anger, (the word express means to give outwards, in some form or other), particularly after we have kept it inside ourselves and let it fester; that energy goes out into the world in 'bubbles'. These bubbles of energy are magnetic, attracting other bubbles with the same energy pattern, and quickly develops into beings that are big enough to disrupt anything they touch. And how big is 'big' - the size of your hand? First that and then they get bigger.

This energy form can 'attach' itself to a living person and cause them to feel all that collected anger. The person will become overwhelmed. And it affects not only humanity but also our pets. It can happen to anyone

Another of the unpleasant truths I experienced was that the larger an attachment grows the more 'intelligence' they become. They learn to seek out what makes them feel good, and to deliberately encourage the growth of their particular emotional need in the human they become part of. If they continue to grow they begin to emulate the shape of the person they are feeding off. They develop a human form, but not perfectly so. One entity I saw at this stage was without eyes - which was to my advantage at the time because it couldn't 'see' me. But it could see the human it was feeding from as she lay in the back of the ambulance that was taking her to hospital. One friend I told of this event said she thought it might have been waiting for the person to die so that it could collect her soul? That might not have seemed so far fetched as we would like to believe - it is part of the myths of humanity, but our souls belong to the Creator, so we never lose them, though they can disrupt the living of a full life and the karma involved within that.

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