Psychic Protection 3
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A word of caution
I want to take a moment to talk about Transference.

Everyone we communicate with, whether in person, by phone or on the internet, exchanges energy with us, this is normal and generally healthy. When we meet to have coffee we sit in each other's auras, and the auras of everyone around us with two and half metres (8 feet) and up to twenty feet, depending on the size of each person's energy field. Think about a crowded restaurant, a bar, at the movies, on the dance floor. Think about in a crowded street .. how is it that a group of people can turn into a MOB of aggressors, suddenly and unexpectedly? Oh, it's not always an outside force that creates this, humans are really just clever animals, hopefully with a conscience, but when they react to negative emotions, just think of the damage they can do. And when one person is under the influence of an entity that feeds on anger, where do you think you will find that person .. in the middle of that mob? Or a person being influenced to get drunk or stoned all the time .. why feed on one when you can feed on many, just by getting your victim to go to a bar.

Does that sound a little dramatic, or frightening? Particularly when ordinary people cannot see the actual aggressor, just its victim, and the victim gets hurt or killed, and the entity then passes onto the next person .. there've been TV programs about this sort of situation, thinking about the X-files and others. It's not a story

Transference happens when the person wearing the entity transfers energy from themselves to you. It can happen through contact, through envelopes, and through emails.

I do readings on the internet and use it as a source of energy to connect to people all around the world to remove attachments from them and their houses. I've been doing this for the past 17 or more years. I do this because I can transfer my energy to the person, wherever they are, and I can take their energy in return - but it is used as a healing technique, not to harm, but to repair. It should be used with caution and commonsense. Transference is quite real and can be very harmful. Just think what might have happened when I received the envelope full of Despair. If my children had not been there, who knows what I would have done.

Transference during healing sessions and what to do about it

When you make an energy link to your client, whether hands-on or during distance healing, you give entities a bridge to cross on - straight to you. If you are too open to other people's emotions you can become a 'psychic sponge' and soak up the emotions of your clients, to your own detriment. At the end of each session it is important that the healer clearly disconnects from their client, and makes sure that the client's aura is healed, sealed and energised.

The simple way to disconnect yourself, and return to your own circuit of energy is through placing your hands in prayer position fingertips to fingertips and palms to palms, in front of your heart, and while there give thanks for the healing and your abundance. This gesture reconnects the heart circuit in your energy. Between healing sessions make sure you wash your hands, and then spring the water through your energy to 'wash' your aura as well. At the end of each day have a shower and command the water to wash 'through' your energy .. and in this way you cleanse yourself of other people's energy.

Psychic Healing

Let us go back to the smaller entities

Removing attachments can take a little time, but the effects are felt very quickly. Without the constant unbalancing the human body is very good at healing itself, and the healer helps this pattern.

Entities at the smaller level will often hide somewhere in the outer layers of the human aura. Larger ones will detach and remove themselves for a while, but leave a subtle etheric cord fixed into the auric field somewhere so they can slip back in through the link. You can mistake it for a past life pattern or other similar energy signatures. You have to make sure that the whole energy field is clear or you will have the person returning to you with the same problems very rapidly.

Attachments can look like man-of-war jellyfish, using tendrils to connect through solar plexus chakra to begin with, and rapidly spreading through the other chakras. When they get to throat, brow and crown the person may experience memories of events not connected to them, and hear voices. Once the entity is removed the voices go away. (They do tend to connect through the lower chakras first because the energy is at a lower frequency and easier for them to 'digest'.)

There is a simple cure for the problem of small attachments. The energy form has to be removed and then the auric field of the person healed, sealed and energised, as mentioned above.

Larger problems

Where clearing of larger attachments is concerned, if you are not sure you can help the situation, you can't. Trust your instincts in this case, and recommend the person to someone who can. Do not put yourself in jeopardy.

The clearest symptoms of this form of attachment are often a complete change in personality of the person, a happy person turning into a miserable or frightened one, and/or a general sense of unwellness that does not seem to be able to be shifted by conventional medicine, or many forms of alternative therapies. The healing of these symptoms begins with removal of the energy form - the restoring of the balance just takes a little longer. If the entity is a human-in-spirit they are sent into Healing, and if they are not they should be returned to neutral energy.

And all of this because we sometimes have our auras out of balance, or have holes in them, or worse, we are gifted these negative energy forms by other people, in their anger. That should make you stop and think about what you do with your negative emotions. And the karma of what when when we are angry.
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